Precautions for Faults of High Speed Winding Machine Precautions for Faults of High Speed Winding Machine

A. Find out the situation of breakdown of high-speed winder:

When the high-speed winding machine breaks down, firstly, it is necessary to find out the situation of breakdown. Ask for information of the first failure from the operator, observe the process of the failure. If possible, observe when and how the fault occurs, and consequences of the failure. Only knowing the first-hand situation can help to eliminate the machine faults. If the fault process is clear, the problem will be solved in half. After finding out the phenomenon of breakdown, and then according to the working principle of high-speed winder, the problem can be quickly diagnosed and the fault can be removed, so that the winder can return to normal use.

B. Make use of PLC status display function of high-speed winder:

For high-speed winding machine, there is the PLC status display function. With these functions, the real-time status and contents of PLC's input, output, current parameters, subprogram sequence, counter, etc. can be displayed. According to the working principle of winding machine, some faults can be diagnosed by monitoring the corresponding state.

C. visually check the fault source and fault range of high-speed winder:

Most faults of CNC equipment can be detected by PLC device. The mechanism of PLC fault detection is to run the PLC program compiled by winding machine for specific machine, and make logical judgment according to various input and output states. If the problem is found, an alarm is produced and an alarm message is generated on the display. Therefore, for some PLC alarm faults, or some faults without alarm, we can analyze the PLC programming manual combined with the current fault display, so as to diagnose the fault. Using the display function of CNC system can improve the speed and accuracy of fault diagnosis.

D. Accurately locate the fault point of high-speed winder by exchanges method:

It is not easy to confirm which part has problems when some faults of control system are involved. In case of no further damage, replacing the suspect main control board with the main control board is an effective way to accurately locate the fault point. Sometimes it will be faster to diagnose the fault by exchanging the same type of main control board with other winding machines (at this time, it is necessary to ensure that the fault machine will not damage the board that is not damaged). The fault must be checked according to the principle of "first peripheral, then internal, first mechanical, then electrical, first simple, then complex, first static, then dynamic, first public and then special, first software and then check hardware".

E. The application of these principles can simplify the process of fault diagnosis and avoid the wrong path when the high-speed winder has complex faults, especially when the control system is involved.

Sometimes these principles should be used in combination, so that the fault can be eliminated as soon as possible. The key to solve the problems of CNC winding machine is to master the working principle of CNC system and winding machine. In this way, dealing with the problems of the machine can be easy. On this basis, we can observe, check, analyze and finally diagnose the faults, and finally eliminate the faults.

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