Brief Introduction to Functions of the Yarn Cleaning Device of the Cone Winding Machine Brief Introduction to Functions of the Yarn Cleaning Device of the Cone Winding Machine

1. In order to meet the demand of customers for high-quality yarn, serious yarn defects such as slugs, thin knots, neps and impurities must be effectively removed in the winding process. Therefore, the winding machine is often equipped with a yarn cleaning device.

2. Mechanical yarn cleaning device mainly includes: plate type, comb needle type, waist drum type, etc., which can be selected for different yarn varieties. It is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance and free from the influence of temperature and humidity. It is more effective in removing coarse knots, neps, fly, waste, etc., so the mechanical yarn cleaning device has been widely used. However, it can scratch machine and damage fiber easily. Therefore, it is not suitable for high speed cone winding machine. Flat yarn defects and thin knots are easy to be missed. The efficiency of yarn cleaning is low, generally only about 30%, so it has been eliminated, or it is only used as a pre cleaner of self cone winding machine to assist in yarn cleaning.

3. Electronic yarn cleaning device: due to the above defects of mechanical yarn cleaning device, in order to remove serious yarn defects, and further improve the quality of yarn, the generations of electronic yarn cleaning device has been successfully developed. Advantages of electronic yarn cleaner: it can not scratch yarn, damage fiber. It can adapt to high-speed winding, etc. At the same time, it can set different cleaning curves according to the thickness and length of yarn defects, and the winding efficiency can reach more than 80%. With the continuous development of modern electronic technology and computer technology, the performance of the yarn cleaner is further improved, and its function is more powerful. When the winding speed is 1500m / min, the accuracy  of removing defects of the advanced electronic yarn cleaner is still over 90%.

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