Performance and Principles of High Speed Cone Winding Machine Performance and Principles of High Speed Cone Winding Machine

1. Technique process and result composition of high speed cone winding machine

The mechanical and electrical integration of high speed cone winding machine is very high, and each single spindle is controlled by computer data processing terminal.

Technique process and structure of winding machine: qualified yarn or tube yarn - > overfeeding of cone winding machine - > tension control system - > online tension control tensioner - > yarn guide device - > winding support device - > qualified loose yarn.

2. Computer data processing terminal

At present, the advanced high-speed loose winder is equipped with a computer digital terminal. The computer digital processing terminal installed on the control head controls the operation of all parameters such as the electronic yarn guide on the winding spindle. For each kind of yarn, the most effective and appropriate cross angle can be selected to obtain the high-quality package with controllable density. Through the "computer digital processing terminal" on the control head, the electronic yarn guide of the winding spindle can be programmed, the data can be input and the parameters of the winding forming can be programmed.

The computer digital processing terminal can change the process parameters, such as cross angle, winding speed, yarn guide stroke, taper, soft edge, feeding roller control, electronic tension control, etc. All data are continuously monitored so that all information can be obtained in real time and the current situation of each yarn can be understood.

High grade yarn dyed products are more and more popular. At present, there are two ways to dye yarn, skein dyeing and cone yarn dyeing. Compared with the two dyeing methods, the investment cost of hank dyeing is relatively less. However, it needs to be processed in the winding loom for use, so at present many users choose cone yarn dyeing. In order to produce the qualified spindle for the cone yarn dyeing, many textile mills and technicians at home and abroad have done a series of research. First of all, the cone winding equipment should be produced, and then the technology that affects the yarn density should be optimized.

The requirement of the yarn cones for dyeing is higher than that of the ordinary yarn. It not only requires the removal of yarn defects, extension of yarn, beautiful appearance, good unwinding, and a certain weight of the package, but also requires the uniform density of the yarn, a very precise non overlapping yarn layer, more accurate spindle length and diameter, and better yarn unwinding.

Winding requirements for yarn dyeing. Through analysis the main factors affecting the cone and the exploration and experiment of the production process, the best production process is obtained. The appropriate process is used to produce the qualified cone for the yarn dyeing, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the quality of the yarn, thus bringing greater economic benefits to the enterprise.

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