Feeding Device and Its Characteristics of High Speed Cone Winding Machine Feeding Device and Its Characteristics of High Speed Cone Winding Machine

Yarn feeding device
1. Overfeeding roller: in the process of precision winding, the yarn speed must be greater than the yarn unwinding speed, and the tension value will increase accordingly. However, if the tension is too large,the high-quality yarn can not be obtained, the yarn breakage will be also increased and the production efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the high speed cone winding machine adopts the so-called "overfeeding" method, that is, the speed of sending out yarn is faster than the speed of coiling yarn. It changes the situation of "dragging" the yarn of spindle into the situation of gently coiling yarn when the yarn is coiling, so as to reduce the broken ends and obtain satisfactory cone winding spindle. The number of turns of yarn on the overfeeding spindle depends on the overfeeding quantity. The general overfeeding quantity control value is between 1.02 and 1.06 (in one turn). It can adjust the overfeeding quantity through the computer terminal.

2. Tension control device: during precision winding, the yarn tension directly affects the tightness of bobbin winding, thus affecting the capacity and dyeing of bobbin winding, as well as the breakage rate of yarn processing. Therefore, there are tension control links for all kinds of precision winders. In particular, the processing tension of the yarn for spindle dyeing should not be too large, so as to obtain a loose cone spindle, which is conducive to dyeing. In addition to taking measures to ensure a relatively constant winding speed, a tension decreasing adjusting device is also designed in this scheme, which adopts a tension adjusting rod controlled by a stepping motor. In the process of on-line speed rising, the angle of tension adjusting rod is controlled by adjusting the angle state of stepping motor, and the clamping force of yarn through gate grid is changed to ensure the constant winding tension. In addition, according to the process requirements of special bobbin "tight inside and loose outside", the angle of tension rod can be adjusted according to the bobbin winding radius to ensure that the winding tension is large when the bobbin is small in diameter and small when the bobbin is large in diameter. There is a reed and flange mounted to apply the right tension to the yarn, which can be adjusted via a computer terminal.

3. On line tension control tensioner: it is a fully electronic tension control system, which can continuously control the yarn tension from the beginning to the end of winding. The winding tension can be detected by a special "on-line" electronic detector installed on each winding spindle through the winding tension set by the digital terminal, and the electronic tension control device has an effect on the yarn on the contrary. Even for a small change in yarn tension, the tension can be restored to the set value by the tensioner.

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