Causes and prevention measures of hidden defects in winding process Causes and prevention measures of hidden defects in winding process

Textile cone winding machine is a special equipment for textile industry. As the last working procedure of spinning and the first working procedure of weaving, winding plays the role of "bridge" between the preceding and the following, and thus occupies an important position in the field of textile. The main task of winding is to clear the yarn defects in the tube yarn according to the process requirements, and form a high quality tube yarn with a certain length, uniform tension, smooth winding and meeting the requirements of the later working procedure through automatic untwisting, twisting and joint. However, due to the influence of equipment, operation, cleaning, temperature and humidity, some defects will be caused, which will affect the normal production of the following processes.

Compared with the traditional defect which is obvious and intuitive, the invisible barrel is the same shape and appearance as the good barrel, which is difficult to be found on the circuit and off the machine. It is often mistaken for the good barrel and flows into the next working procedure, which is shown only when it affects the normal operation of the following working procedure. Because it contains recessive defects, when it is used to make warp yarns, the number of warping ends increases, which affects the normal operation; When weft is used, weft breakage is frequent, which affects loom efficiency. Although recessive defect canister is hard to be discovered, but it still can be prevented and corrected.

Recessive defect of barrel caused by wear of electric cleaning tool head and copper ring

Electric cleaner knife head and copper ring belong to vulnerable parts. Especially in the pipe yarn when there are many yarn defects and electric cleaner pulse uses knife frequently, service life is greatly shortened, often resulting in jumping blade or copper ring cutting groove. When the knife edge has a gap or copper ring cutting groove, which is deep, the yarn defects will not be cut easily or may seem to be broken. As the number of yarn defects increases, the knife head move becomes more and more, but most of the actions fail, resulting in the leakage of yarn defects and the original yarn defects have not been removed. New yarn defects are added, resulting in the yarn being cut into the bobbin because the cut is not broken, but the strength of the decline, wound into the bobbin and the formation of recessive defects.

Dust accumulation in the yarn cleaning area of the photoelectric yarn cleaner and frequent miscutting of the capacitor yarn cleaner due to the great influence of temperature and humidity are also the causes of accelerated wear of the knife head, copper ring and section, thus resulting in jumping edge and cutting groove, and then the occurrence of hidden defect cylinder. Such defects are difficult to be found, and the cylinder is mistakenly made and flows into the next process. During warping, it is pulled off because it is difficult to bear the tension of warping, resulting in the broken end of warping for unknown reasons and affecting the normal start of warping.

Prevention and control measures

1) maintain the integrity rate of the equipment, and the cutting edge of the head and the copper ring shall be replaced in time;
2) improve yarn quality;
3) except for the daily cleaning dust of the air pipe, the yarn cleaning area of the photoelectric yarn cleaner should be brushed twice a month with a small row brush dipped in alcohol.
4) capacitive yarn cleaner is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, so it should be switched to a machine far away from the air conditioning air duct. If the slice opposite the blade is grooved, the four aspects of its square can be switched for use.
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