Automatic Cone Winding Machine Technology Development - Yarn Tension Automatic Cone Winding Machine Technology Development - Yarn Tension

At present, the purpose of users of automatic yarn cone winding machine in China is mostly to reduce labor. However, the development and requirements of the modernization process have actually put forward higher requirements for the automatic cone winding machine.

Modern automatic cone winding machines have adopted various tension control systems, including balloon tracking, gap tension detection and continuous online tension detection. For example, the principle of the balloon tracking type is to detect the position of the yarn on the bobbin to control the balloon so that the tension does not rise when the yarn is small. The gap type tension detecting type adopts an unsteady state to collect tension. In addition to the tension itself, the collected value is also affected by other factors such as the yarn count, so the accuracy is not high. The continuous online tension detection type is the most accurate control method, which is characterized by detection and adjustment to the same steady state parameter, and the accuracy can reach 1CN.  It can achieve "what you see is what you get".

The use of a direct continuous on-line monitoring yarn tension system in high-end applications allows for the highly accurate detection of all random yarn tension changes. These random tension changes are unpredictable. According to the real-time yarn tension value, and through computer calculation, the tension of the yarn is adjusted by the electromagnetic tension disc, and the measurement and control precision of the yarn can reach <1cN. This ensures fast and accurate adjustment to a predetermined level of tension, processing all bobbin models and compensating for any tension changes.

In this way, for any yarn of different modulus characteristics, a high-precision constant tension is maintained throughout the high-speed winding process to ensure high-quality package forming.  During the entire unwinding process of the bobbin, it can be operated at the set speed from beginning to end, so that the lower part of the winding is unwound without complicated loop tracking system, and the high speed can be maintained in the small yarn, so that the output is greatly improved.
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