Automatic Cone Winder Online Inspection Technology Improves Quality Level Automatic Cone Winder Online Inspection Technology Improves Quality Level

The combination of an automatic cone winder and a high-performance electronic yarn clearer embodies the advanced of automatic winding. In addition to its high-speed, high-quality, energy-saving features in production, the intelligent and integrated online detection function is particularly prominent.

On-line inspection of automatic cone winder can be divided into yarn defect detection and package quality inspection. The yarn defect detection is controlled by an electronic yarn clearer. Advanced electronic yarn clearers such as the Uster Quantum and Lofi Spectra's yarn defect online detection function can be used to analyze and remove many types of yarn defects. It can count the type of yarn defect, and also help to set the yarn clearing curve, avoid missing or miscut yarn defects, ensure yarn quality and improve production efficiency.

The on-line production monitoring system of the automatic cone winder can effectively reflect the efficiency of a single spindle, the unit or a section and the mechanical efficiency of the whole machine, the number of connections and the efficiency of the connection. It is used to analyze the quality of the variety, the forming of the spinning frame, and the operation state of the automatic winder. It can stabilize the quality level in the spinning process and rationally use the blocker to improve production efficiency.

Through the use of automatic cone winders for many years, we gradually realized that the winding process as the last process to control the quality of the yarn not only guarantees the quality of the yarn, but more importantly, it uses the online inspection technology to improve the quality of the spinning process.

First, the online detection database analysis is included in the technical management category, combined with daily experiments, making the online detection system more scientific and effective.  This has far-reaching effects on improving and perfecting the traditional quality control methods for spinning production.

Secondly, enterprises should strengthen the technical training of operational management personnel. Managers should be able to read and monitor system operations, establish an information feedback system, and timely discover quality fluctuations in the production process to avoid sudden quality accidents in the production process.
Once again, the online production monitoring system using the automatic cone winder can accurately calculate the number of ingots and reasonably arrange the labor. The efficiency of personnel and equipment can be fully utilized to improve the labor productivity of enterprises.
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