Yarn Guide Device and Its Characteristics of High Speed Cone Winding Machine Yarn Guide Device and Its Characteristics of High Speed Cone Winding Machine

1. Yarn guide device

(1) The traverse guide adopts the "yarn guide device", commonly known as the "rabbit head", which has little damage to the yarn, and is especially suitable for the winding of high-grade yarn. In addition, each motor has no direct mechanical transmission connection. With the high-speed precise motion control software algorithm, it is very simple to realize high-speed precise cross winding. The maximum reciprocating frequency is 800 times / min, i.e. 1600 times of commutation per minute. It is the most advanced yarn guide mode at present. This kind of electronic guide yarn has good unwinding performance.

(2)Traverse servo motor control. In order to ensure the good dyeing performance of the bobbin, the yarn on the bobbin needs to be interchanged in space from the beginning of winding to any diameter point between the full bobbin, and they are not parallel to each other, so as to ensure that each layer of yarn does not overlap. It means that it is necessary to precisely control the winding ratio of the bobbin. The winding ratio is the number of turns of bobbin winding for each reciprocating of the traverse guide hook. There are three forms of cross winding: traditional groove tube winding (arbitrary winding), constant winding ratio precision winding and CNC layered winding. Generally, the two functions of constant winding ratio precision cross winding and CNC layered winding are used to realize precision cross winding. The "single spindle control driver" calculates the real-time speed by collecting the pulse signal of the feedback encoder of the winding motor in real time. According to the requirements of precision winding process, the speed given command of the transverse servo motor is obtained by a unique numerical control algorithm, so as to ensure that the rotation speed of the transverse servo motor and the winding motor maintain a certain relationship according to the definition of the winding ratio, so that the yarn can be repeatedly wound on the bobbin in the shape of space helix.

(3)Wound brushless motor. The winding motor directly drives the spindle to rotate to realize the winding motion of the yarn. The combination of transverse motion and winding motion shows that the yarn is wound on the surface of the spindle in the shape of helix.

2. winding support device

(1)Support roller. Each guide is equipped with a support roller. It has a winding drive, and each roller is equipped with a magnetic body, and is installed with a static detector to detect the speed of the bobbin, and then control the length of the bobbin.
(2)Coiling support. The supports consists of two supports on both sides, which can adjust the parallelism between the coiling tube and the support roller.

It can produce parallel roll and taper roll.
1)Control arm: a motor with a control encoder, a transmission belt and a tapered ring, which can prevent the abrasion of the coiling tube. The winding pressure on the supporting roller can be adjusted and maintained according to the required winding density and hardness.
2) Bobbin support pressure compensation device: each bobbin support is equipped with a pneumatic device to adjust and compensate the transmission pressure of the package on the support roller, that is, arm pressure.

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