The Textile Machinery is More and More Widely Used The Textile Machinery is More and More Widely Used

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the textile machinery is more and more widely used. ZHEJIANG WANSHIFA TEXTILE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. will talk about its main features.

1. Strong technique

In modern times, people have had a deeper understanding of the structure, physical and chemical properties of fibers, thus creating more and more advanced processing methods, which can give full play to the characteristics of fibers and fabrics. Therefore, the draft must be allocated to the corresponding equipment of each process to complete. For another example, in the resin processing (it can be seen in anti-wrinkle finishing process), first, the fabric is impregnated with resin in the soaking mill, and then the resin is condensed between fibers through high temperature treatment in the baking machine, and then the unbound resin residues are removed through soap and water in the washing machine, and then dried by the dryer. The whole process is determined by the process requirements, and the process can not be reversed, omitted or combined unconditionally.

2. Strong integrity

The whole set of textile machinery is also subordinate to technique. One of the main development features of modern textile machinery is to continuously improve the running speed of the machine so as to obtain high output, reduce the number of equipment, reduce plant area, save investment and labor, and achieve greater effects with less capital. The main measures to improve the running speed of textile machinery are to design the structure of parts more reasonably, to use excellent performance materials and to improve the processing accuracy.

3. High efficiency

The high efficiency of textile machinery is realized on the basis of high speed and other corresponding measures. For example, the successful development of the exhaust cotton box and the self leveling device of the carding machine realizes the combination of the cleaning and carding. Thus, the coiling process and the cleaning and coiling device can be removed, which saves a lot of handling work and improves the efficiency.

4. Reduce maintain

In the design of modern textile machinery, full attention is paid to reducing maintenance and extending service life. Careful consideration is given to the selection of materials and the formulation of heat treatment process to ensure long service life and reliable operation of parts.

5. Standardization

Another characteristic of textile machinery is the large repetition coefficient of the same part of each machine. The machinery factory that produces these parts needs to design corresponding tools, jigs, molds special multi station automatic machine tool or special assembly line according to the batch size of the parts, so as to ensure the high efficiency, high quality and low cost of the production of these parts.

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