The Overview of Twisting Machine The Overview of Twisting Machine

The twisting machine is a textile machinery that smashes multiple strands of yarn into one strand.  The function is to process the yarn or the combined yarn product into a linear product, a line for weaving and knitting. The utility model comprises a body of a twisting machine and a circuit part. The spindle outside the body of the twisting machine is connected with the motor output shaft of the circuit part, and the connecting rod of the front end of the spindle is corresponding to the tap changer. The twisting machine is suitable for twisting and jointing projects of cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber, embroidery thread, nylon, polyester, rayon, sewing thread, silk and fiberglass. Feeding method of the twisting machine: the flat tube is fed into a pure creel or cone feeding and the creel, and the bobbin or pagoda yarn (wood tube or paper tube) is fed into the pure creel. For details of the twisting machine, you can consult the manufacturer of the twisting machine for sale.

(1) There are two methods of coronation: dry cognac and wet cocoon. Conventional coronation uses cognac, but for some multi-strand mulberry silk, it must be wet to achieve the process requirements.
(2) The common twisting machine and the double twisting machine are used for the drying process, and the wet twisting machine is used for the wet boring process.
(3) In order to make the yarn surface have a fancy effect such as hairiness, knots, etc., a fancy twisting machine must be used.
(4) When the yarn is reclaimed, the direction of the twist is generally opposite to that of the initial twist.
(5) Whether the warp and weft raw materials need to be twisted, what direction is added, and how much twist is added, should be set according to the specifications of the fabric. In addition to the fancy twisting machine, other twisting processes require good winding and forming, easy to decompose, uniform tension, proper size, and uniform twist.

Under the premise of meeting the requirements of the process, the package is appropriately increased to improve the yield and quality of the silk processing. It is the value of every manufacturer that has twisting machine for sale.
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