Introduction of Automatic Cone Winder​ Introduction of Automatic Cone Winder​

Automatic cone winder is a high-level latest generation of textile machinery products with integrated machine, electric, instrument and gas integration,to wrap a tube into a coiled cobbler,the yarn defects are removed in the winding process.

Performance characteristics:
It is suitable for the winding process of cotton, wool, fiber, pure spinning and producting of high-quality windless bobbin. Applicable fibre varieties: Cotton, wool, chemical fiber and its blend. Applicable yarn varieties: single yarn, strand. Joint mode: mechanical knotting, air splicing, mechanical twisting, and wet and hot addition. The automatic cone winder is configured with: Air splicing, mechanical twisting, with wet and hot addition.Keywords nickel alloy cast iron trough cylinder; mechanical anti-stacking device; balancing, shock-proof, tension device;Fixed length, sizing device; single ingot variable frequency speed regulation device; waxing device; head integrated monitoring system; floating blowing and suction device, etc.  

Automatic cone winder has the advantages of high-efficiency, high-speed, high-quality, stable, easy maintenance, excellent performance and so on.

In our country, the common winder still undertakes the main winding task at present. Although basically able to adapt to the current product structure and technical requirements,However, after joining the wto, in order to consolidate and expand the textile export and raise the level of export earning foreign exchange, the structural adjustment of textile products will inevitably be accelerated.Therefore, the domestic cotton textile industry must speed up the renovation of the winder synchronously. in order to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign markets for improving the quality of gauze, and for speeding up the  development of high-speed shuttleless loom and high-speed large-scale weft machine.

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