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WSF committed to the development of winder and we provide clients with high-quality solutions of textiles equipment.
For example, we offer draw winder solutions:
The device is designed for industrial yarn and twisted filament, such as sewing thread to draw and heat-set. Sewing performance improvements are as follows:

1. Straight sewing thread, and reduce dyed yarn’s undulating.
The device can make sewing thread much straighter and have less undulating.

2. Relax the yarn and no loop tendency.
The device can eliminate the tension of yarns with no loop tendency.

3. Achieve a circular cross-section

4. Improve the sewing speed
After drawing, yarns can have a high sewing speed when sewing.

5. Achieve specific elongation
After drawing, yarns can achieve a specific elongation, which improves the quality of yarns.

6. Achieve a specific strength
After drawing, yarns can also achieve a specific strength, which improves the quality of yarns.

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