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Quality Control
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Quality Control

We always carry out eight quality management principles as follows:
Principle 1: Customer focus
We are committed to helping every one of our customers.

Principle 2: Leadership Role
We give full play to the leading role in leading the management.

Principle 3: Full participation
The company's development is inseparable from the efforts of every member of staff. They are the company's ownership.

Principle 4: Process Approach
We use PCDA circulation to control the Process Approach.

Principle 5: System approach to management
Our company has a system of management to achieve scientific and sustainable development.

Principle 6: Continuous Improvement
Our management rules are not set in stone. We are always in the adjustment according to actual situation.

Principle 7: Fact-based approach to decision making
We carry out management decisions based on the facts. Decisions without any facts will be rejected.

Principle 8: Mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers
We actively deal with the relationship between suppliers and us, to have a stable supply environment.
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