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WSF810 Air Jet Loom
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WSF810 Air Jet Loom

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Introduction of WSF810 Air Jet Loom:
Our Air Jet Loom machine is designed with the concept: provide the high performance air jet loom mechanism with economical price for our customer. This jet loom can weave high quality fabric with lower cost, to realize the maximization of investment gains, to guarantee winning victory in the keen market competition market competition.

High speed:
New weft insertion, new frame structure and high speed CPU of this air jet loom machine, ensure the running speed maximum 1200RPM.

Low energy consumption:
New weft insertion and main nozzle energy saving optimal design of this air jet loom machine realize less air consumption.

Low vibration:
This air jet loom machine use 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure, including the cross rail connections, and to realize Lightening design and optimum balance of the beating motion. These improvements of this jet loom ensure lower vibration with high-speed operation.
Reed space: 150/170/190/210/230/250/280/340/360
Weavable range: Spun: Ne 100 – Ne 2.5; Filament: 56dtex-1350dtex
Filling selection: 1-color, 2-color mixing; 2-color at-will; 4 colors; 6 colors
Filling insertion: Main and sub-nozzles combined system, auxiliary main nozzle; New solenoid value with built-in manifolds; Independent sub-nozzle timing control by color; AJC Auto Jet Controller; First pick control
Let-off: Electronic let-off
Take-up: Electronic Take-up
Beating: Crank type beating, multiple sley sword beating
Measuring & storage: Brushless DC motor weft accumulator
Filling supply stand: Floor mounted for 4 packages (2 colors), Floor mounted for 8 package (4 colors)
Selvage: Planetary gear motion
Waste filling remove: Catch cord type (3-roll type), catch cord type (Gear type)
Cutter: Mechanical cutter
Lubrication: Oil bath system for main driving parts, centralized lubrication (Manual grease)
Stop motion: Reactive weft feeler
Automation: Data setting, automatic control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function
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