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WSF618B-01 Precision Winder
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WSF618B-01 Precision Winder

  • wsf618b-01-precision-winder
Introduction of WSF618B-01 Precise Winder:
WSF618B-01 Precise Winder is a kind of cone winding machine for winding 20D-600D chemical filament yarns. The appearance of this cone winding machine is elegant. Its main functions contain: length counter, full bobbin auto-stop, yarn break auto-stop, spindle speed automatic adjustment, overfeed speed adjustment, slow start, constant winding speed and so on, that ensures the accuracy of the package.
Every spindle of this cone winder is installed a single motor, so that it is convenient to operate. This cone winding machine also has a photoelectric automatic yarn breaking device. Through the computer speed control system and overfeed adjustment in our cone winding machine, you can obtain a good forming of package. By the control of touch screen, you can set the parameters efficiently.
As a cone winder, it is used for winding yarns from cone to cone. You can get soft packages with this cone winding machine, of course, hard packages are also available. We, Zhejiang Wanshifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. as a winder supplier, can provide all kinds of solutions for our clients. You can have improvement requirements in our cone winding machine and we will do our best to solve your problems in winding.

Advantages of our WSF618B-01 Precise Winder:
1. Besides central control system, this cone winder has individual control for every spindle, so that you can set detailed parameters.
2. This cone winding machine has a photoelectric automatic yarn breaking device. When yarn is broken or finish winding, it will stop automatically.
3. You can get soft or hard packages with this cone winding machine through setting different parameters and forming shape is excellent.
4. Our cone winder is customized winding machine. You can have requirements for us and we will do our best to solve your problems.

Parameters as follows:
Spindle Gauge: 300 mm
Number of Spindles: 32 spindle per set (4spindles per section)
Traverse: Up to 210 mm
Forming Shape: Cylindrical or Conical
Bobbin Capacity: 250~1500 g
Yarns: Chemical filament, such as high low elater, terylene, pure silk, spun silk and etc.
Line Speed: 400~600 m/min
Installed Power: 0.12 kW per spindle
Size of Machine: Length 10.53 m × Width 0.92 m × Height 1.24 m
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