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WSF400A Precision Winder
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WSF400A Precision Winder

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Introduction of WSF400A Precise Winder:

WSF400A Precision Winder is a kind of hank winding machine and customized precision winder. This hank precision winding machine has an active unwinding device and a type of closed-loop control system, which can keep and control the tension of yarns and have a very good yarn forming. Also the system on the hank winding machine can control yarn rewinding loss after dyeing, and keep yarn elasticity. This customized precision winder is also equipped with a new tension device for balance. Oiling device is also available on this customized precision winder.

Yarn unwinding actively device on this hank winding machine, which can feed yarn actively according to the tension, could reduce damages while yarn winding and increase the quality of yarns. Tension system, yarn length counter, full-bobbin auto-stop device and yarn broken auto-stop device is installed on this customized precision winder to control the tension of yarn conveniently. So yarn length can be counted and when bobbin is full or yarn is broken, relevant motors will stop.

Each motor on this customized precision winder control its own spindle. They include slow start function. Their winding speed can frequency auto adjusts. Overfeed wheel could adjust its speed regularly. Each spindle is controlled on its own way.

Parameters of WSF400A Precise Winder :

Spindle Gauge: 450 mm
Number of Spindles: 4spindles per section
Traverse: Up to 200 mm
Forming Shape: Conical
Bobbin Capacity: Up to 1500 g
Yarns: Chemical filament of DTY/FTY, such as pure silk, spun silk, cotton yarn, synthetic yarn
Line Speed: Up to 600 m/min
Installed Power: 0.45 kW per spindle
Tension Control: Online tension control system
Option: Oiling device
Size of Machine: Length 15.76 m × Width 0.94 m × Height 1.76 m
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