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WSF310B Draw Heat-setting Winder
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WSF310B Draw Heat-setting Winder

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Introduction of WSF310B Draw Heat-setting Winder:

WSF310B Draw Heat-setting Winder is a new high speed winding machine for sewing threads. With three-year cooperation, we test around the high strength fine denier polyester filament sewing thread with this high speed cone winder. Based on the theory, combined with the actual operation, we use this high speed winder explore the finalize the design temperature, wind speed and stretch ratio of these process parameters for different linear density polyester filament sewing thread of mechanical properties (tensile strength) and the influence of thermal shrinkage performance (boiling water shrinkage).
What’s more, we design the high speed winding machine again. The new draw winding machine has an excellent appearance compare with others before. This more reasonable design of the high speed winding machine makes yarn forming much well.
This new draw winding machine is also a customized winding machine. We can provide more details improved to meet clients’ requirement. As a winder supplier, we provide best service for our clients. You can have more details about our winding machine for sale by telephone +86-575-86333306 or email

Further Features:

1. We install an electronic length measuring system for every spindle of the high speed winding machine. So that it can monitor the yarn length.
2. Every spindle of the high speed winding machine has Lost end detection device to monitor the yarn. When yarn is broken or bobbin is full, the motor can stop.
3. There is constant temperature closed-loop control system and constant speed winding closed-loop control system to control every spindle.
4. Single spindle drive and independent control
5. System for central machine control


Spindle Gauge: 450 mm
Number of Spindle: 4 spindle one machine
Traverse Length: 210 mm infinitely variable
Forming Shape: Cylindrical
Package Weight: Up to 3 kg
Yarns: Filament sewing thread, twisted technical yarn
Temperature Range: Room temperature to 300℃
Line Speed: Up to 900 m/min
Installed Power: 1.5 kw/spindle (single roller heated)
Size of Machine: Length 2.55 m × Width 0.98 m × Height 1.81 m
Option: Oiling device

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