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RW210 Air Jet Loom
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RW210 Air Jet Loom

  • rw210-air-jet-loom

Introduction of RW 210 Air Jet Loom:

RW 210 Air Jet Loom is a kind of air jet weaving with advanced designed using computer streamline analysis to provide stable insertion of weft yarns and reduced air consumption. This 210 Air Jet Loom is equipped with Automatic pick controllers and sub tanks.

Automatic pick controllers:

New AJC of 210 Air Jet Loom: This device enables stable weft insertion by automatically synchronizing air injection of the conical tandem nozzle with the arrival of the weft yarn, changing the weft yarn releasing tension from the weft accumulator.

New FIC(optional) of this Air Jet weaving: The FIC of 210 Air Jet Loom automatically sets the timing of weft yarn arrival and pressure based on information entered through the function panel, such as fabric type and loom speed. It also controls weft insertion pressure of 210 Air Jet Loom according to the travel status of the weft yarn during loom operation.

Main nozzle on this Air Jet weaving: An air gripper, ideal for highly elastic yarns such as stretch yarn, is also available as an option.

Sub tanks on this Air Jet weaving: For efficient airflow, the sub value is connected directly to the sub tank.


Reed space: 210

Weavable range: Spun: Ne 100 – Ne 2.5; Filament: 56dtex-1350dtex

Filling selection: 1-color, 2-color mixing; 2-color at-will; 4 colors; 6 colors

Filling insertion: Main and sub-nozzles combined system, auxiliary main nozzle; New solenoid value with built-in manifolds; Independent sub-nozzle timing control by color; AJC Auto Jet Controller; First pick control

Let-off: Electronic let-off

Take-up: Electronic Take-up

Beating: Crank type beating, multiple sley sword beating

Measuring & storage: Brushless DC motor weft accumulator

Filling supply stand: Floor mounted for 4 packages (2 colors), Floor mounted for 8 package (4 colors)

Selvage: Planetary gear motion

Waste filling remove: Catch cord type (3-roll type), catch cord type (Gear type)

Cutter: Mechanical cutter

Lubrication: Oil bath system for main driving parts, centralized lubrication (Manual grease)

Stop motion: Reactive weft feeler

Automation: Data setting, automatic control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function

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