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Chemical Fiber Twisting Machine
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Chemical Fiber Twisting Machine

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Introduction of Chemical Fiber Twisting Machine:

Our Chemical Fiber Twisting Machine is used for twisting of variety of chemical fiber yarn. This fiber twister has PLC controls setting, edge precision and stepless adjustable. The chemical fiber twisting machine uses 350mm straight bobbin, and max take-up volume capacity of the fiber twister can be 2 KG. Brand-new design, the use of PLC and servo control system on the chemical fiber twisting machine, not only save the energy of the equipment greatly, but also make the product Very Easy for Warping. The chemical fiber twisting machine improves the yarn quality observably. With low energy and high yarn quality, the chemical fiber twisting machine is the last advanced twisted machine for the world.

Production calculation:

Yarn speed (m/min) = [Spindle speed(r/min) x2]/ [No. of twists (T/m)]

Production = [Yarn speed x working time (minute) x No. of spindles x Efficiency]/ [Nm (metric count) x 1000]

Nm (metric count) = Ne(count) x 1.6934

Example: Cotton (Ne60S/2), 800T/M, 11000r/min, 200 Spindles

Yarn speed = 1100 x 2 / 800 = 27.5 (m/min)

Production = [ 27.5 x 24h x 60m x 200S x 0.98]/[(60S/2=30) x 1.6934 x 1000] = 152.78 kg/Day

Servo Technology:

The servo drive system uses 3 independent motors to drive respectively:

Main motor: spindles; Slave motor: take-up rollers; Servo motor: traverse.


Spindle Qty.: 256

Spindle Distance: 225 MM

Normal Spindle Speed: 8000-14000 RPM

Spindle Driving Mode: Belt Circulatory Driving

Spindle Fixture Mode: Magnetic Fixture

Twisting Range: 60-3000 T/M

Twisting Direction: S or Z

Feed Bobbin Size: L240-350*Φ42*Φ110

Take-up Bobbin Size: Φ160*Φ89*L165*L173

Start Model: Y-Δ Slowly Start

Control Mode: PLC

Setting Model: Computerized Setting

Tensioner: Ball Tensioner & Washer Tensioner

Take-up Tensioner: Adjust the Yarn Angle in the Roller

Winding Angle: Stepless Adjustable

Take-up Type: Servo Motor

Main Motor Power: 5.5 KW*2

Size (L*W*H) MM: 16410*750*1895

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