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WSF Attended 2017 Annual National Textile Machinery Industry Production And Operation Conference
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WSF Attended 2017 Annual National Textile Machinery Industry Production And Operation Conference

Time:22 January 2017 Click:742

Date: 15th, 16th , December 2016

Place: Fuzhou, Fujian, China

The main conference content: 

1. This conference discussion included 2016 economic operating situations of textile and textile machinery industries; 

2. Studying the textile machinery industry production and management situation and the coming situation, and the future development trends on textile machinery market in 2017; Informed of 2016 main business activities of the textile machinery industry and discuss 2017 machine management activities proposals;

3. After the plenary meetings of the conference,  spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and chemical fibers and non wovens, and such as seminars were held respectively at the same time.

China Textile Industry Federation party secretary, Chinese Textile Machinery Association honorary president Gao Yong, President of China Textile Machinery Association Wang Shutian, chief engineer Zhu Xianmin, vice president Gu Ping, Li Yi Lv Honggang, and more than 100 textile business representatives all over the country attended the meeting.

Through analysis of the current development of textile industry, Gao Yong believes that there would be a larger decline in the textile industry investment growth in 2017, and as well textile exports fell larger. Under the pressure of internal and external markets, the structural reform of the supply side of the textile industry will continue to deepen. Relying on the scale of growth in textile machinery sales growth has been impossible, the textile industry, the variety and quality are more and more important.

The international market, South Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries are still the main destination of China's textile exports, and our company is also mainly exported our textile machines to those countries. The country's textile industry occupies an important position in the national economy, and various policies and measures have been planned out to support the development of textile industry to attract foreign investment, in addition to strengthen its own traditional spinning and garment processing industry, and the related industries to gradually complete the textile industry chain.

At present, China's textile machinery enterprises have been able to produce various types of textile machinery, such as cone winding machine, drawing winder machine, high speed winding machine, automatic winding machine, but in the fancy yarn production areas there is still a large number of imported equipment like yarn finishing equipment and fabric finishing equipment. Although there are many domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out research and development of waste textile equipment, imported equipment is still the mainstream. Gao Yong suggested that the focus is to promote innovation, and further improve the reliability of stability. Small and medium enterprises should learn from developed technologies,such as Italy textile machinery.

According to the current situation of domestic and international textile market, the indicators shows that the industry will continue to develop steadily, export growth turned positively, and at the same time amount of exports will exceed the amount of imports.

As a professional manufacturer of textile machinery, focusing mainly on various of winding machines, we are expected to be more innovative and productive in order to export more quality textile machinery to overseas countries.

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