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What Is Winding?
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What Is Winding?

Time:11 October 2016 Click:339
Warp and weft yarn subject to preparation process before weaving process. Yarns of different fibers use different processing methods. After preparation process, the weavability of warp and weft yarn can be improved, and semi-processing package can be in line with the request of loom and finished fabric specifications.

yarn winder

Typically, warp preparation process including winding, twisting, rewinding, warping, sizing and binding warp wear. And preparation process before weaving weft includes winding, twisting and rewinding. So winding, warping and sizing is the key step of the process.

Winding, is the first step before weaving preparation, to wind the yarns from hank or cone to a bobbin. Its mission is to wind the cone or hank from the spinning unit into a bobbin that meeting special requirements through the winder machine. Like small packages of yarn rewound into large package, increasing the capacity of the package, in favor of improving the efficiency of next process and transportation of yarns. Meanwhile, to improve the appearance of the quality of the fabric and reduce the yarn breakage in the process of warping, sizing and weaving, we will check yarn diameter and clear impurity defects on the yarn when winding.

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