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Three Solutions to bad twisting for Automatic cone winding machine
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Three Solutions to bad twisting for Automatic cone winding machine

Time:13 January 2017 Click:362

One textile factory has been used automatic yarn winder machine over 9 years, and in the production process, low success rate of individual spindle twist knot often directly affects the production of semi-finished products of quality. The models of twist knot device using of is G2Z type nozzle, twist knot process: guide yarn rod push the upper and down yarns into twist knot device and clip tight, with scissors top and bottom cutting yarn end, then put the cut yarns end inhalation to untwisting tube; after untwisting, the guide yarn rod was push into and twist knot length adjustment rod (Ln) touch location, adjust the untwisting tube of yarn end pull to appropriate length, then with pressure yarn rod to press the yarns, while twist received nozzle Jet compression air, yarn end mutual wrapped around, then the whole process of twisting completed.

Here to introduce three solutions when problems occurred in the process of twisting.

High twisting failure rate
Three main reasons causing high twisting failure rate:
First, quick connectors of untwisted or twisted tubes is not plugged in, reconnect.
Secondly, insufficient untwisting, twisting lengths shown as short, outward twisting tube should be adjusted, increased intake; adjusted to 0. 1 millimeters. When untwisting is inadequate, can also be resolved through twisting tube rotation, z-twist yarn twisting tube counterclockwise rotation, the greater the twisting, the greater the rotation.
Third, the twisted knot length is too short, adjust the length twist knot.

Twist knot easily slips
Contributed to the twist knot easily slip also has three aspects: first, the twisting pressure is too low, should increase the twisting pressure. According to the different yarn types and number, adjust spring for 0. 196~0. 637MPa, pure cotton high count is 0. 4MPa. Second, twist knot long length, adjust length twist knot. Third, untwisting insufficient, solution as above.

Twist knot course on one end and low strength
Three main reasons for this phenomenon: first, twist knot scissors bad, should removed scissors fly or replaced scissors; upper and lower yarn clip holding not tight, may be caused by guide yarn rod with fly attached or guide yarn rod has yarn marks, thus to cause clip holding action not in place, removal fly or replace guide yarn rod will solve the problem; single side untwisting tube location bad, only need slightly adjustment.

Through a series of targeted maintenance, we have found that yarn twisting quality has been greatly improved, and error rate decreased to below 10%.

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