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The Role Of The Winding Process
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The Role Of The Winding Process

Time:11 October 2016 Click:366
The role of the winding process in winding process can be summarized as the following two points:

1. To make the original bobbin yarn or filament into bobbins with suitable capacity, for warping, winding, and shuttleless loom’s knitting or bleaching process. Large package cop also can hold only about 2500 m of cotton yarn which is 29.2 Tex. If the cop directly to warp or loom for weft, it will make the parking time too long, which do not conform to the requirements of the process, and is not conducive to improve the production efficiency, but also seriously affect the processing of yarn tension in the process of uniformity. Therefore, before entering the next process, yarn should be processed into larger capacity of bobbin by winding process. And bobbin package capacity is greatly increased, generally in the yarn bobbin its winding length up to 100000 meters.

The role of the winding process in winding process2. Check the yarn evenness, clear some defects on the yarn as soon as possible, and improve the quality of yarn. The original yarn generally has more appearance defect. Through the cone winding machine slub device, it can clear double yarn, the weak twist yarn, cotton knot, dust, impurities and so on, thereby reducing the yarn break in the process of warping, sizing, weaving. In this way, can improve the appearance of the fabric quality, and weed out the weak links on the yarn and increase their average strength.

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