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Solutions Of Twist Unevenness Of Twister Machine
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Solutions Of Twist Unevenness Of Twister Machine

Time:19 January 2017 Click:328

【Technological design】

Adjustment of spinning tension. Different varieties use different spinning tension. The ingot disc creates yarn for 1.5 to 2.0 laps appropriately and do not excess 2.5 laps.

Determine reasonable spindle speed. Under normal circumstances, the twister machine spindle speed should be based on breakage situation with 1000 pieces. The breakage of fine yarn and high-grade yarn should be controlled within five when 1000 pieces created. And the middle thick yarn should be controlled in the 10 or less. The maximize of spindle speed is obtained based on production and quality requirements. Therefore,  through random sampling test, the twist unevenness is controlled in less than 5%, the twist unevenness rate of the whole car can be controlled within 2.5%.

Correct selection of overfeed rate. The change of the overfeed rate affects the winding tension, thereby changing the winding density of the bobbin. In the case to meet the forming, you can select overfeeding rate according to the fineness of the yarn.  Generally speaking, about 160% is controlled to reduce the increase of breakage caused by winding tension and reduce twist unevenness.

Device status maintenance

Ensure tension of dragon belt. Replaces the dragon which do not operate normally and adjusts its tension to ensure that tension is in accordance with the required standards. To ensure the tension between the twisting machine and the spindle is the same. When using the special regulation correction, the distance between the belt and the spindle wheel is about 2mm, and the distance between the belt and tension roller is about 2mm.

Adjust the pressure that the dragon bell brings to the spindle wheel. Dragon belt tension can increase the contact surface with the spindle wheel to reduce twist unevenness, but it will increase the loss of spindle at the same time. Therefore, the dragon belt brings small pressure to the spindle wheel to extend the service life of the belt and meet the quality of the premise.

Check the tension device. For the single peak twist appear on the machine, you should check the wear of tension head, tension bar and tension head seat inside the tension device. Replace the damaged tension head and other components in time to ensure the smallest difference of each spindle. Remember to adjust the position of the spindle to ensure a more reasonable contact position with the dragon belt.

Check the spindle bearings. To check and refuel the bearings of the twister spindle drive and replace the malfunctioning and damaged spindle bearing to ensure that the spindle speed difference is controlled within the internal control index and to reduce the chance of weak twist. To ensure the consistency of the whole machine, you should strengthen the inspection of spindle operation, remove the deteriorated spindle, reduce the   spindle speed difference and yarn tension difference.

Yarn Twister Machine Operation Management

According to user requirements, the whole yarn and overall doffing mode are adopted to reduce the number of times of twisting in the process.

Strict implementation of the operation method are required as the improper control of brake release time can also cause local uneven. The untwisted yarn and weak twist yarn are prohibited in the joints process. Blocking workers need to brake disc joints as soon as they find breakage. When the linker is finished, twist the joint by hand and loose the brake disc for 5 to 10 seconds. When the yarn segment is fully twist, you can loose your hand and wind it around the bobbin. The period of time from the release of the brakes to the knot yarn winding to the bobbin should be determined according to the size of the twist, 7 to 10 seconds for large twist and 5 to 7 seconds for small twist.

Blocking workers should do cleaning work carefully. The residual yarn on the spindle wheel should be cleaned in time to avoid the decrease of spindle speed and reduce the chance of weak twist.

Equipment power off and rerun has a great impact on the twist. Before power off, the twist unevenness rate of the machine is 2.9%, while it ups to 4.3% when the machine is reran after powered off. So pay attention to minimize the time and stop times of twister. During the holidays, an empty machine is required. And retest twist when you begin to work.

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