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Process design and quality control of the yarn winding machine
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Process design and quality control of the yarn winding machine

Time:17 January 2017 Click:334

Yarn Winding Machine Quality Control

This article experimentally analyzes relevant factors influencing the density and homogeneity of the cone yarn, optimizes relevant process parameters, and reach the following conclusions:

The soft-cone winder speed does not affect the tube yarn density; arm pressure has a great impact on the density. Generally if density difference is great, first consider adjusting the arm pressure; tension is the key factor to control the density of yarn. If yarn density doesn’t vary greatly, adjust slightly; the purpose of over-feeding is to fully release the tension, and choose different over-feeding ratios according to different varieties of yarn; cross-angle mainly cooperates with the soft-side surface to eliminate the hard side and facilitate the next process unwinding. Generally, choose the precision type, and choose different cross-angle according to different varieties of yarn. The cross-angle should not be too great; temperature and humidity have a great impact on density of the soft-cone package, and normally the stability should be controlled.

With the improvement of people's aesthetic awareness and living standards, high-end yarn-dyed products are more and more popular. The silk, synthetic filament, rayon, blended yarn and cotton yarn etc. can be made with color silk, which results in the wide application of cone dyeing process in the yarn-processing industry. Generally, prior to the dyeing of yarns, it is necessary to make the purchased yarn suitable for "soft-cone" dyeing for the next process. So, the demand of soft-cone precise yarn winding machines is on the increase. How to produce qualified soft-cone package for the convenience of even cone yarn dyeing is a problem that people need to solve.

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Research Status at Home and Abroad
High-end yarn-dyed products are more and more popular. At present, yarn dyeing mainly adopts two methods: hank yarn dyeing and cone yarn dyeing. Through comparison, investment of hank yarn dyeing is relatively small, but it needs to go through the yarn winding machine privately after hank yarn dyeing. So, many users prefer direct cone yarn dyeing currently. In order to produce a package of qualified yarn dyeing, many domestic and foreign textile machinery factories and technical staff have done a series of studies. First, produce the equipment that can make the soft-cone winder; then optimize the process that affects cone yarn density.

Higher requirements of cone yarn for dyeing, it’s necessary to remove yarn defects, spread the yarn, boast beautiful appearance and favorable unwinding effect as well as certain-weight package. Besides, cone yarn density should be even and uniform, yarn layers be quite precise and non-overlapping, spindle length and diameter be more accurate, yarn unwinding effect be better.

Analyze the main factors affecting soft-cone package, and through explorations and experiments of the production process, gain the best production process. Adopt the appropriate process, and produce qualified packages for cone yarn dyeing so as to control cone yarn quality and bring the enterprise greater economic benefits.

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