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Process Design And Quality Control Of High Speed Winding Machine
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Process Design And Quality Control Of High Speed Winding Machine

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Quality requirements of the dyeing winder

The soft-cone winding machine requires a very fine yarn layer, which produces a density-controlled soft-cone package for dyeing. Soft-cone package in the dyeing process has the best liquid permeability, yarn density of its inner and outer layers is completely uniform. The requirements of the soft-cone winding machine are not simply being loose, and the basic point is the density uniformity. According to the experience in dyeing, general density design requirement is to take 0.35g/cm³ as the center, and the scope of 0.38-0.40g/cm³ is appropriate.

high speed precision cone winding machine from wsf

Influencing factors and control methods of density in yarn cone winder

The cone winding machine has strict requirements of the process. In order to produce soft-cone package that meets the dyeing requirements, we must first analyze the data through a large number of experimental data, and analyze the data from the main factors that affect the soft-cone package. Proceed to amend one by one, accumulate certain experience. According to the production varieties and dyeing requirements, optimize the design of the process to achieve the purpose of quality control.

Technical Data

The main factors affecting the soft cone winding machine are: speed, arm pressure, tension, overfeeding, crossing angle, temperature and humidity.

(1) Winding speed: Through theoretical analysis, cone yarn winder winding speed changes with winding radius of the winder, while changes in line speed directly cause fluctuations in winding tension, thus influencing formation quality of high speed cone winder and mechanical and physical properties of yarn.

(2) Arm pressure: It is a key factor affecting the density of cone yarn. The package pressure on the support rollers can be adjusted and maintained according to the desired package density and hardness. The weight of the package increases as the diameter of the package increases and the pneumatic support of the bobbin holder adjusts and compensates for the transfer pressure on the support roller. According to experience in the production, arm pressure of soft-cone package is generally 2 ~ 3N.

(3) Overfeeding: The purpose of overfeeding is to sufficiently release the tension, and an overfeeding roller overfeeds the yarn before the final draft in the winding process, compensating for the change in tension caused by unwinding of the feeding package. Overfeed value can control the system to control over-feeding motor, according to the largest variety of yarn, over-feeding can be up to 70%.

(4) Tension: An important way to adjust tube density is mainly by changing the size of the tension. Generally tension device with a reed installed together, through the digital control panel, adjusts the pressure on the flange spring to change the tension of the yarn. It is provided with an initial tension and an end tension, controlled by a computer terminal, to control the density consistency of the package size at the time of the package in a linear fashion. Generally it can be set to a few grams to dozens of grams.

(5) Cross-angle: High speed cone winder modes can be divided into precision mesh winding, random winding, inter-layer winding. The high-speed soft-cone winding machine generally uses precision winding or other modes.

(6) Temperature and humidity: The soft-cone winding machine has high requirements of the temperature and humidity, and small changes in temperature and humidity will affect the cone yarn density and forming. This requires a good production environment to control the temperature and humidity changes. Generally temperature and humidity are control about 70%.

Dimensions of cone winding machine

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