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Performance principle of high speed cone winder machine
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Performance principle of high speed cone winder machine

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1.2 Computer data processing terminal

At present, the advanced high speed cone winder machine is equipped with computer digital terminal. The computer digital processing terminal installed on the control head controls the operation of all the parameters of the electronic yarn carrier on the package spindle. For each yarn, choose the most effective and most suitable cross-angle to get the density controllable high-quality package. The electronic yarn carrier for winding the spindle is programmed by the "computer digital processing terminal" on the control head to input data and program the package forming parameters.

Computer digital processing terminal can change the following process parameters: cross-angle, winding speed, yarn guide, taper, soft side, feed roller control, electronic tension control etc. All data is continually monitored so that all information is available in real time and the status of each cone yarn is known.

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1.3 Main parts and features of high speed soft cone winding machine
Yarn guide device

(1)Traverse guide yarn adopts "yarn guide" which is commonly known as the "rabbit head". The damage to the yarn is very small, and it’s especially suitable for high-grade yarn-dyed yarn winding; in addition, as the motors have no direct drive connection to the machinery, supplemented by high-speed precision motion control software algorithms, it is the most advanced guide mode at present. The package in the form of electronic yarn guide has a good unwinding performance.

(2)Traverse servo motor control. In order to ensure that the drum has a good dyeing performance, it’s necessary to start from any diameter point from the beginning to the full tube. The yarn one the drum has three-dimensional cross-body and is not parallel to each other to ensure that each layer of yarn does not overlap. In other words, carry out precision control of the winding ratio.

(3)The winding brushless motor. The winding motor directly drives the drum to rotate and realize the winding motion of the yarn. Combine the two motions, traversing and winding, we can see that the yarn is winding around the cone in the spiral shape.

Winding support device

(1)Support roller. Each yarn guide is equipped with a support roller. It has a winding drive, each roller is equipped with a magnetic body. Besides, it’s installed with a static detector to detect the speed of the cone, and thus control length of the cone yarn.

(2)Winding bracket. The bracket is made of two brackets at both sides, and it can adjust parallelism degree between winding tube and support roller. It can produce parallel package and the package with taper.

1) Control arm: a motor with a control encoder, a transmission belt, a conical ring. This transmission can prevent the winding bobbin wear. The winding pressure on the support roller can be adjusted and maintained according to the desired package density and hardness.

2) Cone bracket pressure compensation device: Each cone bracket is equipped with a pneumatic device for adjusting and compensating the transmission pressure of the cone on the support roller, namely the arm pressure.

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Feeding device

(1)Overfeeding roller: In the precision winding process, yarn winding speed is greater than the yarn unwinding speed, tension value therefore increases. But too much tension can’t gain high-quality cone yarn, but it increases broken ends of yarn and lowers production efficiency.

(2)Tension control device: In the precision winding processing, yarn tension directly affects cone winding tightness, thus affecting the capacity of cone winding and dyeing difficulty as well as the broken-end rate of yarn. Therefore, all kinds of precision winding machines have the yarn tension control link. In particular, the processing tension of the yarn used for cone dyeing should not be too great so ad to gain soft-cone winding effect which benefits dyeing.

(3)Online tension control tensioner: It is all-electronic tension control system, and it can continuously control yarn tension from the beginning to finished package and the end. It can set the yarn winding tension through the digital terminal.The yarn winding tension is detected by special “online” electronic detectors installed on each winding spindle.The electronic tension control device makes a impact on the yarn conversely.

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