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Main weaving defect of the air jet loom-broken picks
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Main weaving defect of the air jet loom-broken picks

Time:17 January 2017 Click:338
Yarn tip tangled or bent broken picks

At the tip of weft yarn on the right of the fabric, there is slight tangling or bending which forms broken picks and causes shutdown.

(1) The opening is not clear because side ends, twisted yarn, false edge yarn on the right are loose or attached with yarn defects or flying.

(2) The main nozzle pressure is too high, or the installation is not standard.

(3) The main nozzle jet time and electromagnetic needle action time don’t cooperate properly.

(4) The height and position of the electromagnetic needle are not standard.

(5) Compressed air pipeline leaks.

(6) Auxiliary nozzle pressure is too low, and the height and angle are inappropriate.

(7) The left scissors are not sharp.

(8) The left cloth-edge warp is loose.

(9) The reed surface is not clean, and there is flying, debris attached.

(10) The solenoid valve is not working well.

Main weaving defect of the air jet loom-broken picks Elimination methods
(1) Increase the warp tension or remove yarn defects, fly attachment.
(2) Reduce the main nozzle pressure or adjust the main nozzle pressure position.
(3) Advance or delay the development time of the electromagnetic needle, and advance or delay the main nozzle jet time to an appropriate time.   
(4) According to the timing standards and installation specifications, check and adjust the electromagnetic needle.
(5) Regularly inspect the compressed air pipes.
(6) Improve the auxiliary nozzle pressure, and check the height and angle (depending on the types of weft).  
(7) The left scissors must always be sharp.
(8) The woven methods of leno-selvage warp in the heddle and the reed should be correct.
(9) Often keep the special-shaped reed surface clean.
(10) Press the test button on the control panel. If the solenoid valve stops working, check the solenoid valve. If the solenoid valve works, but it doesn’t work in continuous operations, check the encoder.

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