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How to maximize the productivity of auto cone winding machine?
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How to maximize the productivity of auto cone winding machine?

Time:13 January 2017 Click:508

With increasingly high market requirements on yarn quality, increasingly Enterprise Labor tension, automatic cone winding machine has became necessary textile equipment configuration for textile enterprises, but with high-speed development and constantly replacement of auto cone winder machine in recent years, Mechanical & electrical integration, and intelligent of degree sharply improved, for textile enterprise for using good automatic winding machine, improve the capacity, not only can increase enterprise of profit, but also greatly reduced enterprise of fixed assets cost, production cost and labor cost, and series of cost, to realize the maximization of profit, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. 
To enhance the capacity of automatic winder machine, the enterprise must take full advantages, from raw materials, production processes, machinery, environmental management and the skills of management, in order to achieve the desired effect.

1. To improve yarn quality
The former process of yarn quality is an important factor affecting the production of automatic cone winding machine. In order to improve the quality of yarn, yarn reduction, we begin with the raw materials, cotton checks, according to the different varieties require reasonable cotton, on the premise of guarantees product quality, considering the decline in raw material costs. And pay attention to each production process optimization, real-time product quality tracking test, yarn NEPs, short, fuzzy, jerky user-sensitive indicators is strictly controlled through multiple optimization, determine the best process to ensure that produced yarn adapted automatic winder machine high-speed, high-yielding and high efficiency. Make full use of the automatic winding machine capacity.

2. Optimize the parameters of electronic yarn clearer
Electronic clear yarn device process parameter of set, is effect since complex production of a important factors, set electronic clear yarn device process parameter, to clear harmful defects, and meet customer minimum requirements for guidelines, as reduced 100,000 meters cut defects volume, reasonable using electronic clear yarn device of experts system for collection, and statistics, and analysis, and optimization process parameter, and according to production data of real-time monitoring, from source for control to stable cut defects volume. Automatic cone winder machine for high yield, high efficiency. 

3. Maintain good mechanical condition
Keep good state of automatic winding machine, automatic winder is an important guarantee of normal production. Excellent mechanical condition, including low yield empty spindle rate, low failure rate, good high-speed performance and high yield of finishing products. To do all of the above, we must develop maintenance plans according to the cone winding machine state, make cycle management and implement the measures. For accident spot maintenance, do more touring, more observations, identify problems and troubleshoot, and resolve. In particular forming part of winding tension control, splice part unwound part of electronic yarn cleaner parts, cleaning, refueling,found poor timely replacement and maintenance, the machine state to achieve the best, in order to ensure in the case of high speed, good package, qualified the splice and the lowest failure rates. Play the cone winding machine's maximum effectiveness.

Winding formation section: focus on drum bearings, motor bearings, and maintenance of sizes chuck bearings. Enable it to stable high speed winding.

Tension control: focus on the tensioner bearings, tensioner cotton wax, cleaning and maintenance of flying. To ensure that fast-moving yarn has a stable, effective and qualified tension control.

Splice part: untwisting tube focus on clean, cam-linkage mechanism of fuel, each part of the compressed air pressure. 
Unwound parts: focus on balloon guide movement, yarn to the center, and clean flying around. To create a good environment for unwinding, reducing unseating, playing pipe. To improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Electronic yarn cleaner parts: focus on cutting state clearance inspection slot and internal cleaning, such as the tangent of the inspection of electronic yarn cleaner on a regular basis. Good running condition, eliminate errors, and to improve the production efficiency of automatic winder.
Ensure more favorable speed can increase by more than 10%, and does not affect the quality of yarn. And efficiency is significantly increased.

4. Good production environment
Production environment is also an important factor directly affect the automatic winding machine capacity. too high or too low temperature and humidity, too much dust make a harsh production environment which seriously affected electronic yarn cleaner and electrical parts running normally, premature aging, damaged. And significantly increased flying and hairiness, affecting a defect rate and yarn quality. So keeping a good production environment is to improve productivity, reduce consumption requirement. Establishing a workplace air conditioning system is essential, according to our experience in summer temperatures of 25 c ~32 c, winter quarter temperature control at 19 ~26 c,, humidity control in 50~65%, minimal effect on machinery and yarns.

5. Tender skills development
Tender skills directly affect production efficiency and capacity of the automatic winding machine. Judging from my company's production, technical quality, ingot capacity than the maximum 15%~20% difference in the productivity of the poor. So the tender system for operational skills training, master craftsman in the gang to help with and periodic skills assessment to improve the ingot, and simple fault handling capabilities, is to improve the production efficiency of automatic winding machine, mechanical efficiency key to play.

To conclude, only full automatic winding machine of high speed and high yield, high efficiency, to achieve better economic efficiency, effectively reduce the input cost, production cost, our products will be more competitive.

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