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How To Eliminate Twist Unevenness Of Twisting Machine?
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How To Eliminate Twist Unevenness Of Twisting Machine?

Time:19 January 2017 Click:273

Twist unevenness of the twister machine will cause different fiber clinging force in the each segments of yarn and inconsistent surface fiber tilt, affecting the strength, elasticity, elongation, gloss, abrasion resistance and other physical and mechanical properties and appearance characteristics of the yarn. The style and quality of fabric will also change.

Causes of twist unevenness in twisting machine

Uneven tension of dragon belt : The tension’s size has a direct impact on the whole machine's spindle speed, as the twister twists the strand through spindle activated by the friction of dragon belt. The dragon belt itself has certain elasticity, and its tension is affected greatly by the climate. When dragon belt parks for a long time during autumn and winter, the speed of spindle will increase due to large tension and contraction of dragon belt. The situation is opposite in spring and summer.

The access position deviation of tension wheel: The twister equipment technical condition has strict requirements on the tension wheel position. Because each access location of tension wheel will directly affect the adjacent two spindle speed. The deviation of each adjustment unit will affect the proximity of the belt and the spindle, so that the spindle speed deviation will increase.

Insufficient lubrication of the spindle: under the high-speed rotary friction, the spindle come into effect with two torque at the same time. One is the dragging torque caused by friction, the other one is the friction torque caused by the friction of spindle and spindle bearing. The size of these two torque directly affect the spindle speed. The spindle oil will create oil film between the spindle tip and spindle gallbladder to reduce frictional resistance of the bearing to the spindle. Therefore, the spindle lubrication directly affects the spindle speed. The change of the spindle speed will cause the twist unevenness of the strand, and the twist unevenness increases with the increase of the variation rate of the spindle speed.

The chuck bearings is not flexible: The big and small chuck bearings of twister is to rely on two small bearings to achieve the rotation of the drum rotation. The normal threading speed may be affected if the chuck bearing rotation is not flexible or the clamping force of cradle and cheese is insufficient. The yarn speed will inevitably lead to twist unevenness, and the greater the difference of the yarn speed, the more serious of strand twist unevenness.

The flyer is not operating properly: If the twister machine production environment is not good, such as hair flying or poor cleaning machine, the flywheel may occurs frustration phenomenon, resulting in twist unevenness.

Tension spring parameters set improperly: In the early production, the twist unevenness rate of TDN-120 twister are relatively high, once up to more than 3.5%. After a series of  study, we found that the main reason is that the tensioner spring set value in the Spindle tensioner is too small which causes high twist unevenness.

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