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Automatic winding machine maintenance
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Automatic winding machine maintenance

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Auto Cone Winding Machine Processing Parameters Setting
According to the quality requirements of the finished product, different models, and different varieties of different winding speed, under normal circumstances, to increase the speed, capacity increased, mechanical losses increased, the tension of yarn increased. Compare with cop, cone yarn will increase deterioration of evenness, hairiness, and strength decreased, thus will affect the suction nozzle yarns as well as normal after withdrawal and also reduce productivity. Therefore the winding speed setting is very important. 
Auto cone winding machine, the tension setting is as important as speed. Setting is primarily based on the appearance of forming and the bobbin tension. On guarantee of the forming,  you should configure a lower tension. Depending on workshop temperature and humidity changes, you need to adjust the tension  according to actual bobbin tightness.
Different yarns also need to choose the most suitable time, the premise of which is to ensure the joint appearance and strength. 
In addition, you should always check the appearance of the joints and joint strength. 

Cone Winding Machine Management that cannot be ignored
For various models of automatic winding machine, the reliable inspection, maintenance and repair, is a guarantee of the best equipment into full play.  Whether it's imported or homemade automatic yarn cone winder, you can’t ignore this most important management.
Management matters that require attention include: 

first, lubricate periodically to ensure normal lubrication, cleaning and wipe cleaning, front of frequency converters and electric control box clean is very important. 

Second, too much internal dust in the single spindle is extremely vulnerable to failure action and malfunctioning photoelectric sensor, which affect the quality and quantity of yarn. 

According to workshop, to determine reasonable single spindle internal cleaning cycle, normally make cleaning every two months, and cleaning can be made in the morning when the peak power, so as to save electricity costs. In order to stabilize the production of gas pressure to clean up with a dedicated low-voltage power source, so as to guarantee quality. 

Third, because of the automatic winding machine is fast, to make checks on the quality of paper tubes, ensure the strength of paper tubes, round and smooth surface, good contact with the surface of the drum, smooth operation. Often correction on the mechanical interface between drum and paper tube to prevent bad vibration at high speed the production process, and damaged machinery, bobbin form caused adverse serious may result in tube flies off. 

Forth, often correcting large nozzle and spool location, too small distances will encounter bobbin thus make yarn wearing ; too large distance will make nozzle suction not enough repeated action, thus yarn layer on the drum surface caused by repeatedly rolling become loose.

Fifth, working class should always check the twist joint appearance and strength, especially in the production of heavy and extra yarn, bamboo yarns, when found the bad twist joints, should be check and adjust spindle splicer air pressure. 

Finally, working class must shift the cleaning in place, everywhere around the wire be sure to clean up. Production of coarse count yarn,  to increase the number of shutdown clean up box, this reduces the mechanical load, save electricity, would also ensure that negative pressure so that the single nozzle suction is normal.

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