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After-sale Service
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After-sale Service

We only provide clients with high quality textile machinery, such as cone winding machine, hank winding machine, draw winding machine, air jet loom, twisting machine. And if there’s any quality problem of our company's products, you can contact us.

According to different products, we set different quality assurance. If there’s any quality problem in the guarantee period of the product as we agreed, please contact us, you can let us know by phone or e-mail. Within 24 hours after the feedback information, we will give a reasonable solution and treatment options. If the product guarantee period has expired, you also can give us feedback for advice or technical help.

Friendly Reminds
We offer the normal guarantee period of one year, and will assume the direct economic losses in the guarantee period caused by quality problems except the following conditions:
1. Mechanical failure or damage due to human improper operation;
2. Mechanical failures and damage caused by privately transformation;
3. Other non-quality problems.

You can ask for more details by following ways:
Phone Number: +86 575 86333306, +86 13967584586.
Fax Number: +86 575 86230405
E-mail Address:

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